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When it was established in 1963, we were engaged in the manufacturing and sales of transistors under the name of OS Seiki Co., Ltd.

Since then, we have provided superior products and technologies to many customers in the field of electronics for more than half a century as a technology trading company.

What has been handed down since the company's founding is a thorough customer-focused attitude.

To be close to the customers who are responsible for manufacturing, and to provide creative support for solving the problems. Always pay attention to "Words make moves", clarify what needs to be done, explain it to customers, and translate it into action.

We believe that the trust and achievements of OS Electronics up to the present day can be attributed to the fact that we have not ended up as a businesslike, but have deeply thought about the bonds between people, and have achieved results with our customer-first stance.

Although the times have changed, the foundation of the relationship of trust remains unchanged.

As an electronics trading company, it is a matter of course that we gather and share technological information of the new age. We intend to continue to strive to be a "unique electronics technology trading company."

Thank you,

Takanobu Shoji
Chief Executive Officer



1963 Apr. Founded for the purpose of manufacture and sales of radio, TV and telecommunication devices, and export & import. 1963 Apr. (Corporate Trade Name: OS SEIKI Co., Ltd.) Capital: 4 million yen
1965 Sep. Became the distributor for Semiconductor Business Division of Tokyo SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
1968 May Portion of the shares purchased by Tokyo SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
1971 Feb. Inaugurated Osaka Sales Office
1971 May Became the distributor for Parts Business Division of Tokyo SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
1972 Dec. Inaugurated Nagano Sales Office
1975 Jun. Became the distributor for Light Equipment Business Division of Tokyo SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
1975 Nov. Became the distributor for Radio Business Division of Tottori SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
1978 Apr. Inaugurated Nagoya Sales Office
1980 May Inaugurated Nishi Kanto Sales Office
1980 Jul. Inaugurated Taiwan Office
1980 Dec. Inaugurated Tohoku Sales Office
1981 Sep. Inaugurated Hokuriku Sales Office
1982 Jul. Inaugurated Tokai Sales Office
1982 Sep. Inaugurated Kyoto Sales Office
1984 Apr. Inaugurated Akashi Sales Office
1984 Jun. Inaugurated Tama Sales Office
1984 Sep. Inaugurated Hokushin Sales Office
Inaugurated Hokushin Sales Office 1984 Dec. Inaugurated Keihin Sales Office Revised the corporate name to OS ELECTRONICS Co., Ltd.
1986 Feb. New Capital/ 99 million yen
1986 Aug. Inaugurated lwaki Sales Office
1987 Jul. Inaugurated the overseas affiliated company in Taiwan
1989 Apr. Inaugurated Kanazawa Sales Office
1990 Aug. Inaugurated the overseas affiliated company in Singapore
1990 Sep. Inaugurated Kofu Sales Office
1991 Apr. Completed new office building in Nagano
1993 Dec. Inaugurated the overseas affiliated company in Hong Kong
1997 Oct. Inaugurated Fukuoka Sales Office
1997 Dec. Became the Authorized Distributor for Tyco Electronics Raychem Co.,Ltd.
2002 Apr. Inaugurated Shanghai Office
2005 Apr. Inaugurated Shenzhen Office
2009 Sep. Consolidated Shanghai Office to Shenzhen Office
2013 Apr. Inaugurated the overseas affiliated company in Shenzhen
2013 May Inaugurated India Office
2015 Oct. Inaugurated the overseas affiliated company in India
2018 Aug. Inaugurated the overseas affiliated company in Shanghai
2019 Sep. Inaugurated Fukuoka Satellite Office

Corporate Profile


Head Office 5F, Akihabara Sanwa Toyo Building, 3-16-8, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

International Network

Central number +81-3-3255-5985
Incorporation 1963 Apr.
Paid-in Capital 99 million yen
Description of Businesses Electronic parts trade company such as semiconductors, batteries, power supplies, SSDs, and industrial cameras
Number of employees 187 (as of April 2023)
Main Products Handled
  • Panasonic Industry Corporation
    Device solution Division
    Mechatronics Division

    Conductive Polymer Capacitors/Various Capacitors/Electronic Devices/
    Various control equipment/industrial equipment
  • Panasonic Energy Corporation
    Energy Solutions Division
    Energy Device Division

    Lithium ion batteries/Nickel metal hydride batteries/Various batteries
  • Panasonic Solar Amorton Co., Ltd.
    Amorphous Solar Cells/Amorphous Photosensors
  • onsemi
    Semiconductor products (in cars, medicine, LED lighting, consumers, Power Application)
  • Socionext Inc.
    ASSP (Videos, Communications, Acoustics, etc.), Custom-SoC (ASIC)
    Nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium batteries, and electronic components
  • SUN Electronic Industries Corporation
    Electrolytic capacitors/switching power supplies, etc.
  • Littelfuse Inc.
    Overcurrent protection element/Overvoltage protection element
    Various heat sink plates
Main banks Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Kanda Ekimae Branch
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Kanda-Ekimae Branch, Akihabara Branch
Resona Bank Akihabara Branch
Mizuho Bank Kanda Branch
Affiliated companies
    6F., No.577, Linsen N. Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei,
    104, Taiwan
    TEL: +886-2-2595-5366 FAX: +886-2-2597-1955
  • O S ELECTRONICS (S) PTE.LTD. (Singapore)
    60D Kallang Pudding Road, Ingolstadt Centre #03-02A & B,
    Singapore 349321
    TEL: +65-6746-7770 FAX: +65-6746-3500
    JA0718, 7F., DLF Tower A, Jasola District Centre,
    New Delhi-110025, India
    TEL: +91-11-40573100
  • O.S. ELECTRONICS (H.K.) LTD. (Hong Kong)
    Unit 1808-9, 18F., 9 Wing Hong Street, Cheung Sha Wan,
    Kowloon, Hong Kong
    TEL: +852-2741-2218 FAX: +852-2786-5733
    Unit1808-1809, 18F., Xiangbin Qianhai International Finacial Center,
    No18, Free Trade West Street . Nanshan Street. Qianhai District, ShenZhen, China
    TEL: +86-755-2533-3458 FAX: +86-755-2533-4489
    Room 2706, 1st Tower, No.369 Xian Xia Road.,
    Changning District, Shanghai, China
    TEL: +86-021-6258-6278 FAX: +86-021-6258-6275

Board of Directors


Director Representative Director
Takanobu Shoji

Michihito Asahi
Shinichi Uno

Accounting Advisor
Hayakawa & Taira Certified public Tax Accountants' Corporation

Executive Officers President & CEO
Takanobu Shoji

Executive Vice President
Michihito Asahi
Hitoshi Hoshino

Managing Executive Officer
Shinichi Uno

Executive Officers
Ryuji Nozawa
Masayuki Miyahara
Masashi Nagamiya