Message from the President

President Yoshikazu OZEKI

Since the establishment in 1963, OS Electronics has specialized in providing the highest quality products and technology to numerous customers. Today, the electronics industry is evolving drastically with the rapid transformation of business environment. OSE is an electronics device company with a strong corporate identity which reads today’s trend and transmits valuable market and industry information to customers. This allows the company to build a bridge of trust between suppliers and customers.

Our principle is to "walk the talk". In order to do so, we verbalize our goal first and make a firm determination which is thoroughly explained to customers and put into action. Our commitment to action has developed customers’ trust in our proposals and this is the motivating force to carry out our promises to customers furthermore.

The society’s requirement changes with the times. We are now in the era in which values of our products and services are constantly challenged based on the ever-changing needs of the society. We do not rest on the status quo and continuously provide a new value to the society and customers.

Your continued understanding and support will be vital to this endeavor.

Takanobu Shoji
Chief Executive Officer