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Product features

Industrial Dual Inductive Sensor (NEW!)

• onsemi has been doing inductive sensors for automotive for 20 years


• We have a new approach that is designated for high accuracy and high-speed


  industrial applications.


NCS32100: Dual Inductive Sensor Products



The NCS32100 offers a full featured controller and sensor interface for high resolution accuracy


angular sensing when paired with a printed circuit board sensor. 




The NCS32100 has flexible configuration capabilities allowing for connection to a variety of


inductive sensor patterns and offers a variety of digital output formats. 




Inductive sensing techniques have unique advantages over traditional position sensor solutions


including but not limited to temperature insensitivity, mechanical simplification, and


insensitivity to contaminants. 


NCS32100: Position Sensor Anatomy


System Solution Comparison Example


NCS32100 Design Aids

• Reference Design Manual


   - PCB design for a 38mm rotary sensor


   - RS-485 5-Pin Interface


   - Firmware supports +/- 50 arcsec or better accuracy


      with position and velocity readout


      ♦ Battery backup


      ♦ Error reporting



• Evaluation Board


   - Simple demonstration of both rotary PCB sensors


      working with the NCS32100.


   - Strata enabled



• Feature Sheet detailing NCS32100 hardware.