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Product features

IGBT [Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor]

Structure: Input MOSFET,  Output Bipolar


Feature: High withstand voltage,  Low ON resistance,


                Switching transistor ideal for large currents


Advantage: Higher spped, smaller size, lower cost


Usage: Power (motor) control Automotive,


            industrial equipment, consumer equipment


            (white goods)


Product Family



1. FS4 650V line-up has very small Vce(sat).Vce(sat)=1.15V -  1.45V(typ)




2. ISO-TP247 uses TO-247 package. The package is isolated from chip and pins.


    ISO-TP247 needs only thin TIM between exposed pad and heatsink. 


    Package can be soldered on a heatsink directly which keeps heat resistance lower.




3. Hybrid IGBT has SiC SBD inside which can reduce the reverse recovery loss in SBD.  


    Reverse Recovery Time trr=30ns(typ)




Comparison of FS4 and low Vce(sat) IGBT w/ competitors 

Vce(sat) is almost the same under IC = 80A


but Vce(sat) is smaller over 80A. 


Heat resister of ISO-TP247

Requires over 500um Iso-foil sheet to isolate


the package and heatsink with conventional TP247.  


No problem using thin foil sheets with


isolation between the chip and the package inside  


ISO-TP247 which makes Rthj-s smaller.


Improved heat dissipation


Reverse recovery of SiC SBD in Hybrid IGBT



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