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Product features


IPM ; All-in-One Technology & New Technology 

IPM (Intelligent Power Module):   Module integrated with IGBT, drive, protection circuit, etc.


•      By integrating power block into a module, IPM enables minitualization and weight reduction.


•      Module is preferred for higher power due to better thermal management     


       by lower Rth and simpler heat sink structure. 


What is IPM?


IPM vs Discrete solution
ØCost reduction
üProduct price: IPM is more expensive than discrete solution
üTotal system cost: IPM enables cost reduction w/o need of heatsink and passive components.
   IPM enables to cut design resource. PCB space reduction is another cost saving factor.   
ØEasier design
üIPM provide fixed gate souring and sinking current from integrated Rg in driver
   which is optimized for customer’s system.
üNote that user can not change switching speed by changing Rg values.
ØHigh reliability
üQuality of IPM is proven by rigorous reliability test based on JEDEC/ AEC-Q101.
ØLack of pin-compatible products
üIt is difficult for IPM to find out dual sources which have same footprint.
üNow IPM suppliers are trying to develop P2P products.






 - Withstand Voltage : 750V


 - Allowable current : 640A ~ 950A


     - Tj : 175


 - Built-in thermistor for each phase




     - Low Vce(sat) : 1.55V(max) 


     - Parasitic inductance: 8nH or less




1. Improved RΘjf


This IPM can cool down not only by air cooling but by


running a liquid. 


Water cooling improves RΘjf and allows greater


power delivery.



             NVH820S75L4SPB: 0.11/W


             NVH820S75L4SPC: 0.11/W


             NVH950S75L4SPB: 0.083/W


Tj of the VE-Trac Direct package is 15°C smaller than that of the VE-Trac Dual


when phase current of 400 Arms is applied.


2. Improved module self-loss

In the most frequently used current area, for example, when phase current of 350A


is applied, self-loss is improved by 250W compared to the HPD series.



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