March 5, 2021
OS Electronics

OS Electronics wins ON Semiconductor’s 2020 Distribution Partner Award

OS Electronics, an engineering trading company of electronics devices (president: Takanobu Shoji, headquarter: 3-16-8 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), received ON Semiconductor’s 2020 Distribution Partner Award on February 27, 2021, which is the third honor for Distribution Partner Award since 2019.

  • Distribution Partner Award honors the distributor in each region that led channel sales, grew market share, captured increased sales of products and scored highly on overall process excellence in an evolving semiconductor market.
    As advocates of these goals, each of the 2020 distribution partner award winners successfully grew product sales, generated significant
    new business, and effectively supported both our customers’ needs and ON Semiconductor’s initiatives for operational excellence.

The top 2020 distribution partners are:

  • Americas: Future Electronics
  • PAC: Future Electronics
  • EMEA: Future Electronics
  • Japan: OS Electronics
  • Global High Service Distributor: Digi-Key Electronics
  • Global Distributor: Future Electronics
Comments on OS Electronics’s 2020 Distribution Partner Award

Jeff Thomson (Senior Vice President of global channel sales for ON Semiconductor)

OS Electronics has been continuously taking on a challenge as ON Semiconductor’s global business partner even in time of COVID-19.
We are expecting OSE as a valuable global partner aside from Japan region for the development of our global business.

Masayasu Yamashita (President & Representative Director of ON Semiconductor Japan)

OS Electronics has achieved an important and excellent performance as a top global distributor.
We expect OSE to grow together as an ON Semiconductor's global business partner for further business expansion and development.

Takanobu Shoji (President & Representative Director of OS Electronics)

It is our greatest honor that ON Semiconductor, our most important partner, has selected OS Electronics as one of the top global distributors to represent Japan.
We will never stop growing for further business expansion of ON Semiconductor, for Japanese market and global market and for our customers.

About ON Semiconductor

ON Semiconductor is an industry leader in leveraging partnerships in the global distribution channel, with a top 10 supplier ranking within all channel partners globally. About 64% of the company’s business results from distribution sales.
“On behalf of the organization, I want to thank our excellent channel partners for their contributions in 2020,” said Jeff Thomson, senior vice president of global channel sales for ON Semiconductor. “Each of these winners successfully grew product sales, generated significant new business and effectively supported customer needs while keeping our company initiatives for operational excellence at the forefront. The support of our worldwide distribution partners is essential as we continue to increase market penetration, revenue growth and achieve overall success of the company.”
To learn more about our sales and distribution support, visit the website for more information. For more about the company’s commitment to compliance and ethics, read the most recent CSR report (excerpt from website). Please visit for more information.

ON Semiconductor Names 2020 Distribution Partner Award Winners
About OS Electronics

Since the establishment in 1963, OS Electronics has been specialized in providing the highest quality products and technology to various customers. OSE is an electronics device company with a strong corporate identity which comprehends today’s trend and transmits information of valuable market and industry segments to customers. OSE strives to remain “one-of-a-kind” electronics device distributor which builds a bridge of trust between suppliers and customers. For further details, please visit: 

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